Saturday, June 2, 2012

Eco games in Shpogy Secondary school

Our students are really THE BEST- they take part in different competitions- educational, entertaining and sport. This story is about a fantastic nature friendly competition.
Our students sorted trash- plastic bottles, batteries and cartons of milk, juice, yogurt. The participants were invited to the Open- Air  Museum and were awarded. After coming back they decided to educate young learners about ecological issues an organized a the closing event in our school-Eco Games- educational sport competitions.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Project banner from Mark

Mark and his banner
Mark presents his unique banner. As he says, if we do not change our attitude towards the environment and do not start respecting it, we will be punished.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Project banners from Anete Viktorija and Kristīne

Anete and Kristīne want to present you the banners they have made for the project.
 Anete drew a green leaf- we need plants that produce oxygen for all living beings. If we do not follow this principle- RECYCLE- REUSE- REDO- RESPECT, we won't have any life on the earth.

Kristine's idea is similar. She drew a flower, the picture is " Hippy style" , so to say- live in peace and harmony with the Earth.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Grade 6 and their logos for RRR project

Students from Grade 6 tried to make their logos.
They wanted to show that recycling, reusing and reducing will help to save the nature and the animals and plants that are in danger of extinction.
 Logos are made by Anastasija (top left corner), Ēriks (top right corner), Annija and Karīna (bottom left) and Jānis (bottom right corner)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Project banners from Cristina, Madalina, Antonela and Andreea - Romania

Romanian students present you their May task for RRR : banners and logos.
Cristina made a socket and a plug to bring you into attention one big problem we are all  going to face soon; Antonela and Andreea teach us to save the trees and Madalina made the most beautiful and colourful banner from Magura School.
And the list can go on ... just take a look at all our works!!! 

Project banners from Magdalena, Bianca, Gabriela and Ana Maria P. - Romania

Magdalena, Bianca, Gabriela and Ana Maria P. from Romania want to show you all their ideas for the RRR banners. Enjoy them!!

Project banners from Antonela, Diana and Lacramioara - Romania

Inspirational and motivational  banners for the RRR project.

Project logos from Ana Maria, Bianca and Mihaela - Romania

RRR logos which tell us to be green, to save nature and reduce garbage. 

Project logos from Romania - Diana, Naomi, Lacramioara, Andreea

Other creations of the Romanian students for our project's logo.

Project Logos from Antonela, Cristina, Madalina and Lacramioara

RRR logos made by three girls from 6th grade (Antonela, Lacramioara and Madalina) and one student from 7th grade - Cristina. 
Project logos from Magdalena and Gabriela- Romania

Logos for the RRR project in the vision of 6th grade Romanian students. Enjoy them and tell us your opinion!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grade 8 and their logos

Students from grade 8 tried to draw logos. This is how they understand taking care about the nature and neighborhood.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Grade 2 drawing about waste reduction

9 years old pupils and their teacher Egita made drawing in the shape of a sign forbidding to harm the nature.

Grade 1 (8 years old) drawings about helping the nature

This poster is made by pupils (grade 1 and their teacher Edīte) who are just the beginners. During the lesson of Nature Studies these pupil made sort of a comics- DON'T HURT THE NATURE. They drew and wrote what people should not do: 

1. Do not wash a car (any vehicle) in the river
2. Do not hurt a cat
3. Do not cut the trees
4. Do not throw the rubbish in the meadows
5. Do not throw the rubbish in the water
6. Do not damage the flower beds
7. Do not cut the tree bark
8. Do not cut branches
9. Do not set a fire in inappropriate places
10. Do not damage the bridges and plank ways
11. Do not drive in the meadows and fields

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Students making their own paper

First grade (age 12-13) students from 6th secondary school of Drama participated in a workshop about recycling organized by the Environmental Institution of Filippoi. During the workshop students were informed about the problem of waste, about ways of recycling, composting and reusing, and they pondered on how they could reduce waste. Directed from the trainers of the Environmental Institution, students created their own recycled paper. This activity was not only didactic for students, as they learned the process of paper recycling through hands-on experience, but it was also convivial, as you can watch in the video. What is more important, students sensitized on the issue and value of recycling. The paper recycling activity is easy to handle from most middle school students; as you can see in the video only common resources and hardware are required, while the duration of the whole process takes no more than 15 minutes.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

Agate's collage about waste reduction

Agate says that people in Latvia start thinking about the nature, environment and pollution. We should at first clean the mess that we have produced, so every spring we participate in joint work. People who clean the environment actually do not pollute- the more people take part in joint work, the less dirt and waste we will see in our neighborhood.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sandis's collage about waste reduction and sorting

Sandis says:

"Nowadays people do not care about the environment.

Because people think that it does not matter.

So we all should sort waste, and the nature becomes cleaner."

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Janis's collage about waste reduction

The collage is made by Jānis S. He thinks that people buy too much food and do not consume it but throw it away. In the countryside this problem can be easily solved by domestic animals and composters.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cristina's Drawing -on Waste Reduction

Think twice before throwing something away !! Maybe you can reuse / recycle it and thus give a hand in saving the Planet from being buried in garbage!!
Drawing and caption made by Cristina Coada - Romania.

Diana's Drawing - on Waste Reduction

Nature is crying for help!! If we do not take responsibility for what we are doing , then soon we will live in an empty and desolated world!!!
Drawing and caption made by Diana Mujoiu - Romania.

Bianca's Drawing - on Waste Reduction

Water colors drawing showing the deadly fumes that are suffocating our Planet!!
Bianca Romanescu - Romania.

Naomi's Drawing - on Waste Reduction- Spring Cleaning!!!

Drawing made by Naomi Bumbar (Romania) who is showing that in a city overwhelmed by garbage , if everybody make a stand, then problems like recycling , cleaning and waste reduction can be solved!!!

Ana Maria's Drawing - on Waste Reduction

Drawing made by Ana Maria (Romania) who is trying to show that recycling and waste reduction is a matter that concerns the entire family!!!!

Magdalena's Drawing - Waste Reduction

Water colors drawing showing how an ideal city (where recycling and waste reduction are done properly !!) should look like !!!
by Madgalena Stanica- Romania.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Take a photo of trash-Stavroula

Hi I am Stauroula and i live in Drama.this is a picture of my neighbourhood where you can see for yourself there is a serious problem of litter.I believe that somethingmust be done about this because are in great danger of infection and disease.
A porsible solution to this problem would be more regular collection of rubbish by the conul.In addinon when the bins are full,rubbishshould be kept at home until collection day.If bags fuull of rubbish are left outside the bins,they until be opened by dogs and rubbish will be scattered alla over the streets.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Τake a photo of trash - Νικι

Hi my name is Nicky Kiriazidou and I live in Drama, Greece. This photo comes from a place near the police station...  The sweepers was on a strike and all of these rubbish pollute our area. This image isn’t very good for tourists and of course for our health. Please help us and do something in order to improve this way of life....<3

Friday, March 2, 2012

Why reduce waste? Creative ideas!

Study the following image very carefully and try to describe what you see.
What, in your opinion, is the basic idea behind this cartoon?
Take a minute to write your answer in a comment!

Extra activity 1: Think of another caption (write your answer in a comment)
Extra activity 2: Create a cartoon/sketch/collage about waste reduction and upload it to the blog! (ask your teacher to help you with uploading)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Take a photo of trash-Chris A

Hello My name is Chris and I am from Greece. I live in Drama.
In this picture I can see a lot of trash.
That isn't a rubbish dump! It is a bin!

I believe this is due to unemployment.
Many people would like to have a job to live.
May exercise this profession by helping both themselves and the environment.
I think this is right.

Take a photo of trash - Eleni

Nowadays, the pollution of our cities is highly increased. The atmosphere is daily polluted by the toxic gas from the vichiles. Moreover, the factories tend to throw toxic wastes into the sea and this causes it's pollution. The goverments should find more effective ways in order to reduce the pollution of our world.
Eleni B4

Friday, February 24, 2012

Take a photo of trash-Maria K

I'm Maria Karropoulou.I am from Greece.This photo was taken by me in the street of my neighborhood.At this photo we can see garbage in plastic bags.The bin is full of garbage. The kind of materials can be seen in the photo are plastic, cartons, aluminum, paper, glass... Maybe in the bags there are food or clothes. All those things cause infection and they are not good for enviroment.We must do something to restrict the garbage!

Take a photo of trash-Konstantina

My name is Konstantina Florou, I'm 13 years old and i live in Drama, a small town north of Greece . I want to show you this foto to tell you that we must take care the environment. One basic thing that everyone could start with, is to put the rubbish in to the bins only the hours that the employees who pick up the rubbish are in work .

Take a photo of trash-Georgia P.

This is a photo of trash in a grove in Drama, Greece near in my school. This is a very important problem, but also is bad spectacle for children, but and for adults too. I think we have to do something for it.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Τake a photo of trash-Christos

My name is Christos.I am from Greece.
This image shows two bins and some litters around them.This is an awful, but common site, because of the litters and the damaged , with grafities, bins.
 By Christos Notaridis.

Take a photo of trash -Dimitra

I’m Dimitra  , I’m 14 years old and I’m from Greece. I live in Drama a town of  Greece. Unfortunately, the town council doesn’t pay its employees to pick up the rubbish. So , when the bins are filled up the residents throw their rubbish on the streets.  As a result our town looks polluted, neglected and dirty!!!

Why reduce waste? Solve the Puzzle!

Try to solve the following funny puzzle. Write down your time on comments and compete with your peers :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Why reduce waste? Propose some ways!

watch the following funny video where 2 recycled dolls talk about waste reduction:

In case you do not understand their dialogue, read the following text:

Why reduce waste?
A large percentage of households do not recycle enough and throw everything that they consider “rubbish” into their ordinary bin. However, waste reduction requires more than good recycling habits; the aim of waste reduction is to minimize waste before it is produced! In other words we must try to bring home less products that will end up in the trash bin and to reuse as many items as possible.

How to do that?
Analyze your trash for a few days to get familiar with the stuff you throw out (it might surprise you!) Then, think about how you might reduce your trash by changing some habits. Below there are some suggestions to reduce the amount of material that requires disposal:
  • Buy bulk-packaged items to cut down on individual packaging.
  • Buy products in reusable or recyclable containers.
  • Don’t buy disposable products when you can avoid them.
  • Patronize restaurants and other businesses that use recyclable or biodegradable wrappings.

Now it is your turn to think about ways to reduce waste. Write your suggestion on the comment section below and share your thoughts with your peers!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Take a photo of trash-Artemis

Hi! My name is Artemis and like everyone...I hate rubbish! This is a picture of many bags rubbish and I want to say that we must do something for their reduction.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Take a photo of trash-Thodoris and Koulelis

Hi we are Thodoris and Koulelis. For years now the environment, due to the negative impact of man and reckless behavior, has started the countdown. Few are those who watch over the environment.

The environment is the physical shell that lives every living organism and therefore the destruction would mean that one daylife will be extinguished. There are many ways to protect and not pollute the environment.
  Do not throw trash out, so there are garbage bins!!! There are recycling bins and we can throw recyclable rubbish there!!!
To participate in environmental programs to sensitive about it.
Also we can make holidays green or go green at camp!!!
To use the car less and more public transport, cycling or walking so that we can reduce the pollutants in the atmosphere.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Take a photo of trash-Stella

Hi, I’m Stella Kosmidou and I am 14 years old. This is the photo of a recycle bin, which is placed in front of  Drama’s court at Palaiologou street. Many citizens pretend that they want to preserve the city clean by recycling and keeping their trash indoors for the weekend. But look! The bin is overfull. Couldn’t these ‘’conscientious’’ people keep their trash at home for the weekend and throw them out on Monday when the garbage truck could collect them? Not even they didn’t keep their trash at home, moreover, they left them on the pavement where people pass by and stray dogs and cats ‘’ play ‘’ with them, spreading diseases. We shouldn’t blame only the citizens. The authorities have to place more bins in a such populous area in the centre of the town.

Take a photo of air pollution - Cristina

We are always see a smog in sky or grey clouds…

The cloud is visible and felt by all leading to large air pollution

Is relatively low height above the surface.

This is due to exhaust in combination with apnea and sunshine.

This can be harmful for our organization. We must reduce the exhaust.

 All together we can do more!

By Christina Apatsidou B2